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  • EGR Valve Seal VEMO Fits FORD MAZDA VOLVO C-Max Fiesta V Focus II IV 1117699

EGR Valve Seal VEMO Fits FORD MAZDA VOLVO C-Max Fiesta V Focus II IV 1117699

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Item Description
Item Name: Seal EGR valvePart Brand: VEMOOEM Numbers: 1 117 699 / 1 316 060 / 1 355 115 / 1F20-20-305 / 1S7G9D4476AG / 1S7Z-9D-476AA / 30 757 403 / 8 694 698 / LF01-20-305Remarks: reliable, high-density, and visually appealing welds via a special laser welding process , optimal protection during transport and storage via styrofoam inlays / Products supplied by us are without exception intended for the designated use. Please note that our products are usually delivered without installation instructions. Installation may only be carried out by trained specialist personnel. There is no guarantee for inappropriate, improper or unintended use.
Cross Reference OE number list
  FORD1 117 699
  FORD1 316 060
  FORD1 355 115
  VOLVO30 757 403
  VOLVO8 694 698
FORDC-MAX (DM2)1.81.8 Flexifuel2.02.0 CNG2.0 LPG07-1007-1007-1009-1008-101.81.8222MPV
FORDFIESTA V (JH_, JD_)ST15005-082Hatchback
FORDFOCUS C-MAX1.81.81.8 Flexifuel2.003-0704-0706-0704-
FORDFOCUS II Convertible2.006-102Convertible
FORDFOCUS II (DA_, HCP)1.81.8 Flexifuel2.02.02.0 CNG2.0 Flex2.0 LPG06-1206-1204-1210-1209-1108-1008-111.81.822222Hatchback
FORDFOCUS II Saloon (DB_)1.81.8 Flexifuel2.02.006-1206-1105-1108-1.81.822Sedan
FORDFOCUS II Turnier (DA_)1.81.8 Flexifuel2.02.0 LPG06-1206-1204-1208-111.81.822Wagon
FORDGALAXY (WA6)2.02.0 Flexifuel2.306-1506-1507-15222.3MPV
FORDMONDEO III (B5Y)1.8 16V2.0 16V00-0700-071.82Hatchback
FORDMONDEO III Saloon (B4Y)1.8 16V2.0 16V00-0700-071.82Sedan
FORDMONDEO III Turnier (BWY)1.8 16V2.0 16V00-0700-071.82Wagon
FORDMONDEO IV (BA7)2.02.0 Flexifuel2.0 LPG2.307-1509-1509-1507-152222.3Hatchback
FORDMONDEO IV Saloon (BA7)2.02.0 Flexifuel2.0 LPG2.307-1509-1509-1507-152222.3Sedan
FORDMONDEO IV Turnier (BA7)2.02.0 Flexifuel2.0 LPG2.307-1509-1509-1507-152222.3Wagon
FORDRANGER (TKE)2.5 i 4x411-2.5Pickup
FORDS-MAX (WA6)2.02.0 Flexifuel2.306-1406-1407-14222.3MPV
FORDTRANSIT Box (FA_ _)2.3 16V CNG RWD2.3 16V LPG RWD2.3 16V RWD06-1406-1406-
FORDTRANSIT Flatbed / Chassis (FM_ _, FN_ _)2.3 16V CNG RWD2.3 16V LPG RWD2.3 16V RWD06-1406-1406- / Chassis
MAZDA3 (BK)2.003-092Hatchback
MAZDA3 (BL)2.509-142.5Hatchback
MAZDA3 Saloon (BK)2.02.003-0904-0622Sedan
MAZDA5 (CR19)1.805-101.8MPV
MAZDA6 Estate (GH)2.5 MZR08-132.5Wagon
MAZDA6 Hatchback (GG)
MAZDA6 Hatchback (GH)2.5 MZR07-132.5Hatchback
MAZDA6 Saloon (GG)
MAZDA6 Saloon (GH)2.5 MZR07-132.5Sedan
MAZDA6 Station Wagon (GY) AWD02-0705-0702-0702-071.822.32.3Wagon
MAZDAMPV II (LW)2.302-062.3MPV
MAZDAMX-5 III (NC)1.805-141.8Convertible
VOLVOC30 (533)1.81.8 FlexFuel2.006-1207-1206-121.81.82Hatchback
VOLVOS40 II (544)1.81.8 FlexFuel2.004-1006-1006-121.81.82Sedan
VOLVOS80 II (124)2.02.0 FlexFuel08-1208-1122Sedan
VOLVOV50 (545)1.81.8 FlexFuel2.02.0 FlexFuel04-1005-1006-1210-121.81.822Wagon
VOLVOV70 III (135)2.02.0 FlexiFuel07-1108-1122Wagon

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